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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

DIY Princess Anna Hat for Kid's Week

Well I am jumping into Kid's Clothes Week a day late, I was sick all day on Monday. I am taking this week to focus on play clothing projects for my daughter, who has all the clothes she needs. Without any prompting this morning as she was rifling through her hat box by the door, (yeah she has a box just for hats) she told me she needed a "Frozen" hat.

So, I did some searches and found a couple of Princess Anna hats people have made, but none of them were what I really wanted. I always try to use up fabric that I already have before running out to buy more and I already had some purple and white fleece. The idea of Kids Clothes Week is to sew for your children for an hour a day and this project seemed perfect, even more so because my daughter suggested it.

I drafted outer pieces based on images of Princess Anna in her hat and lining pieces about an inch longer at the face framing side so that the white would show when I turned the hat. I added a pretty leftover purple trim around the hat. I ended up unhappy with the way the pointy ear flaps stick outward and look silly so I added a chin strap after I completed the hat. I would take this into account in future revisions of the hat.

There is also elastic inserted in the bottom of the back of the hat to help bring it in and shape properly around the head.

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