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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Free Reverse Applique Heart Tutorial

I have been in a bonnet making frenzy this week and wanted to add something special to a plain canvas outer fabric by adding a reverse heart applique design. I will show you step-by-step how easy it is to incorporate a reverse applique heart into your designs.

I wanted to add the applique to the side of a bonnet so when I made my heart template I made sure there would be at least half an inch on either side of the finished applique so that it would not get caught in my 1/4 inch seam allowance when making the actual bonnet. You will want to take this consideration when making your heart template.

1. Here are my two hearts, they will be sewn onto the main body of the bonnet on the center of one side. I cut them so that the width did not exceed the width of the body piece of fabric (seen center).

2. Pin your coordinating fabric heart into the desired location.

3. I used a 1/2" seam allowance around the inside edge of the raw edge of the heart.

4. Carefully cut around the inside of the heart leaving around 1/8" of fabric, carefully and slowly.

5. I used pinking shears to trim my inside edge, careful not to cut through my seam.

6. After turning your fabric over and preparing to press, clip your fabric at the inside point of the top of the heart.

7. Carefully press your fabric to the other side, take care around the curves.

8. View of the right side of the fabric after pressing.

9. Lay your contrasting fabric heart underneath your main fabric piece.

10. Pin. Go nuts!

11. Topstitch all the way around and trim any excess.
12. Continue with your project using your heart applique pattern piece. Voila! 

Let's Talk Bonnets!

When making modern and cute clothing for babies and toddlers, bonnets might not be the first thing that comes to mind. However, with a modern fabric the simple bonnet can be transformed into the perfect spring and summer accessory. I recently happened upon a great bonnet pattern on Etsy from Sewingwithme. It couldn't be more simple. This pattern comes with in multiple sizes with easy to follow instructions and two variations. I have had so much fun with it! I have made three different sizes in both the regular brim and the ruffled brim, a reversible variation, canvas outer, fleece lining, and quilting cotton with interfacing.

Birch Organic Fabrics made this reversible bonnet to die for in Marine Too! and Ipanema prints. 

Get your bonnet making on this spring!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

2 Pandas Baby Boutique is Coming!

2 Pandas will be attending a great event on March 8th in Oak Harbor, WA. The Whidbey Warriors Auto and Motorcycle show will be hosting many vendors this year to drum up support for this great cause associated with the USO. We will be featuring baby boutique items this year. Everything from baby toys, bibs, teething pads for baby carriers, binky clips, baby crib shoes and more. Here's just a few things you will see:
Come take a look at the extensive selection of pacifier/teether clips, also available in the Etsy shop.
Felt flower headbands are handcut using eco-felt and upcycled wool.
Brighten up the day and get ready for spring with these cute accessories.
A full line of baby bonnets in sizes XS-L in plain and ruffled brims, as well as fleece or cotton linings.